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Dr. Newman's Plastic Surgery Fees and Cosmetic Surgery Price Quotes:
Of course everyone wants to know what they are getting into both financially as well as physically. There are a lot of misconceptions. Any questions should be run by the staff and Dr. Newman, preferably in person at a consultation. 

But to clear a few things up front ...
Our plastic surgery quotes include the hospital fee, anesthesia fee, and surgeon's fee. The surgeon fee includes the surgery, the follow up visits, and implants/garments if necessary. Thus it is usually impossible to give an estimate on the phone as even the exact same procedure may be different from one person to the next. 
  We are not against giving a price range or a quote over the telephone, but just know things may change depending on what is decided at the consultation. A printed quote will be given at the time of your visit.
  Questions??? Please, just give us a call.
In addition, procedures requiring only a local anesthetic can sometimes be done in the office procedure room.  
  As you can see on the "Products and Procedures" page there are a good many different services offered by Dr. Newman including all realms of plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and reconstructive surgery. Please call to make a consultation to decide what your options are. Dr. Newman will discuss the best options, if a cosmetic surgery is determined, then an itemized cosmetic surgery price quote will be given.  Furthermore, when surgery is booked (scheduled and paid), the consultation fee will be applied to the surgeon's fee. 
  In addition financing options may be available through Care Credit, which can be discussed with Christy, Sarah, or Jackie.  It is easy to preregister from the comfort of your own home or we can help you fill out the online application in our office.  We will do what we can to make your dreams become a reality! 
  Ultimately your outcome is the most important, not pricing, but just so you know.... check out comparison consumer statistics across the nation....Here. (These prices are surgeon/physician fees and do not include hospital and anesthesia fees as Dr. Newman's quotes do) 

Are you from out of town??
Our prices are extremely competitive from any viewpoint. It may be a little difficult to get here (that's why we all like it here!!), but there are several airports within a couple of hours drive. (Fayetteville, AR; Branson, MO; Springfield, MO) Plus this place is absolutely littered with wonderful relaxing resorts on either Bull Shoals Lake, Norfork Lake, or the White River. Call and we can help find a place that will accommodate!
Furthermore, Baxter Regional Medical Center has a "be our guest" program to help patients from local communities such as Harrison, Batesville, West Plains, Branson, etc stay over at a local hotel the night before the procedure if it is the first case in the morning.
Depending on the procedure we would need to figure out what would be necessary for consultation, scheduling, and follow up, but give it a thought, we'd love to have you!

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