Facial rejuvenation starts with prevention. Start by taking care of your skin now. An excellent skin care regimen such as Theraderm can maintain healthy skin. Gentle but thorough wash, exfoliation, repair, and hydration. Keep it simple and it will be much more simple to follow! Wear sunscreen, and ladies, wear mineral makeup such as Youngblood with a built in sunscreen to keep the UV rays from damaging your skin. Since aging decreases the rate of exfoliation a series of exfoliating peels like Jessner's or Lactic Acid and/or microdermabrasion will keep the luster and help keep pore size under control. For already damaged skin to repair and thicken (decrease wrinkles) a TCA Frost Peel will penetrate and thicken the deeper dermal layer of the skin. A bit of downtime, but the results are worth it. Finally quit smoking. Smoking and the toxins related are terrible for your health in general, but specifically accelerate facial aging by ruining the elastin and collagen in your skin.

The next layer down below the skin includes fat and muscles. Botox is used to block "dynamic wrinkles" which give a grumpy or tired look around the eyes and forehead. Too much or in the wrong spot and the face moves unnaturally so be sure to use a provider like us who knows how the face works and the ins and outs of how to inject Botox. Normal facial aging results in deflation of soft tissue in some areas and prominence in others. Augmenting deflated areas such as the cheeks or lips can help rejuvenate these areas. In addition sometimes simple genetics of dark hollows under the eyes or thin lips can benefit from fillers such as the Juvederm line of products. The products are lasting longer and providing excellent results. The key is understanding the anatomy and knowing the techniques to place the products in the most comfortable way possible. Dr. Newman and his injecting registered nurses Jamie and Libby are knowledgeable and experienced in the latest advances and techniques.

Finally, gravity does have an effect on the tissues. Surgical lifting will not fix poor skin or decades of health neglect. Lifting also only can do so much on deflation, so it too must also be corrected. However, descent or falling of the tissues can benefit from surgical options such as lifting. Downtime and cost have traditionally hindered facial surgical rejuvenation options, however, knowledge of current mini facelift techniques can offer several options. These options can comfortably be done in the office setting still providing very excellent results with less cost and less recovery and frequently a more natural result. In addition since Dr. Newman is a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in facial and body cosmetic surgery, he can specifically tell you when more advance surgical options would be a better benefit or when the specific situations require a general anesthesia to provide the safest and most comfortable options. No pain-no gain may rhyme, but our quest is to offer the best option for the LEAST discomfort!!