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Breast Reconstruction

There are so many exciting things that continue to happen in our community regarding breast cancer detection, treatment, and reconstruction. BRMC has introduced the 3-D Breast imaging tomography, which can help increase finding of breast cancer sooner as well as decreasing the amount of "call backs" for initial suspicious areas that turn out to be o.k.  In addition BRMC has added another oncologist to their staff.

Make sure to have your breast care team, including a primary doctor, breast (general) surgeon, plastic surgeon, oncologist, and radiation oncologist all working together on your team before you make your decisions! This is all possible right here in north central Arkansas!!! This is simply amazing for a rural town of this size to have the full team of medical specialties.

Dr. Newman frequently speaks at the Peitz House Cancer Resource Center in Mountain Home which is an excellent resource. If you or someone you know is dealing with any kind of cancer, go to the Peitz House to see how they can help.

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